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What is cURL

Requesting for API can also be done using cURL. cURL is a tool consisting of a library and command-line tool for data transmitting through various protocols. It is free and very user friendly.


To install cURL, you can directly access How to Install cURL page. There is a list of step-by-step guide about how to install cuRL, compile it, and configure the setting.

How to Use

To do an action like in the next example, make sure you have changed [ACCESS-TOKEN] with your authorized access token. Or you can use Dev access token from admin panel of your application.

Apps Manager dev access token


Method GET

$ curl "https://api.mindtalk.com/v2/me/stream?access_token=[ACCESS-TOKEN]"

Method POST

$ curl -X POST -H X-Access-Token:[ACCESS-TOKEN] -d 'content=halooo+alll!&origin_id=36931' https://api.mindtalk.com/v2/post

Updating photo profile:

$ curl "https://api.mindtalk.com/v1/user/update_profile" -F "photo=@my_photo.png" -F "access_token=[ACCESS_TOKEN]"